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Who is eagle's wing kennels?


Our love of the American Bulldog started many years ago when we purchased our first AB from a backyard breeder in the late 1990s.  While Cooter was a great family pet, he was NOT -- as we came to learn --  the standard against which the breed should be judged.  He was swaybacked, dysplastic, afraid of balloons and feather dusters, but he loved the kids and other than having a penchant for chewing up plastic hangers, he was a great family member.  It was our love of Cooter that drew us to research and investigate this breed, including its history, development, issues and achievements -- and what led us to purchase our first female from a quality breeder, Souza's American Bulldogs, in 2003.  Our first pup, Ella, was sired by Souza's Koa of Boyd, a well known dog at the time, and an icon in the American Bulldog community today.  After raising our six children, our love of dogs, and animals in general, ultimately led us to purchase land out in the country in 2011.  We love the life on our little "farm," and are proud of what we have achieved.

In the past many years we have tested our breeding foundation stock, either through our own efforts, or through those of our friends who acquired some of our dogs.  We have tested for health (hips, NCL, Ichthyosis).  We have tested for correct conformation by putting all of our breeding dogs under the judge's microscope.  And we have tested for temperament -- of a working breed -- through sport protection work and wildlife management.  Our goal has always been to produce dogs with soundness of body and mind -- to be as beautiful and healthy as they are courageous and stable.

Our years of selective breeding and testing culminated in being awarded the American Bulldog Registry Archives ("ABRA") Breeder of the Year in 2013.  That means that we earned more "points" showing our dogs and winning conformation titles with them that year.  Our friends also helped us place as Kennel of the Year for 2013 by showing dogs they acquired from EWK.  That being said, we are not "kennel blind."  Nature is a curious thing and not all pups are created equal despite our best efforts.  But EWK has built a reputation of producing quality puppies, placed in appropriate homes, and for having a high degree of integrity and focus on achieving and preserving the working American Bulldog in America.

In 2015, together with 5 of our fellow bulldoggers and friends, we purchased the American Bulldog Association, a premier registry for the American Bulldog that was established in 1989.  Our love for this breed transcends our own breeding program and extends worldwide as we work to maintain the integrity of this breed and provide an opportunity for American Bulldog owners to showcase their dogs and maintain a solid studbook.