Spring 2020 EWK Breeding


koa's hat trick of sab

 We are finally going to try using some of the stored semen from Tonka again.  The first time we used it (many years go) we produced EWK's Blitzkrieg, who was a phenomenal dog that left us to early.  Tonka brings size that did not compromise his agility.  He had a huge head, tight reverse scissor bite, and a that sweet loving temperament that his father, Koa, always brought to the table.  Excited to see what we get!  See our Males page for more information about Tonka.


Deposits being accepted

This breeding brings some old blood back to the front.  Tonka sired our male, Blitz (RIP), who's dam was a Koa daughter.  Blitz was bred to Char to produce Flirt.  Char is a double Koa granddaughter.  Flirt bred to Cowan's Goober produced Fuse (and our male Primer) and Goober is a Koa grandson. So, the Koa genetics are being stacked here, mixed with some great material from some carefully selected outcrosses. This breeding was accomplished on 2/20/20 by surgical AI.  Hoping to see puppies 4/20/20!


ch. ewk's short fuse

Fuse is a very correct dog  of the standard type.  She is agile, strong, friendly, and balanced in temperament.  She has large teeth with a scissor bite, tight feet, great angulation and great hip scores.  We have taken her around the country and she always acts like she's at home.  Comfortable in the show ring, not dog or people aggressive, she is quietly confident.  We think she will give us beautiful puppies.

October 2019 Breeding at EWK (available pups on Puppies page


ABRA CH. Xtremebulldog's revenge of the tank

Tank was bred to Flirt last year and produced several nice puppies (see Produced to view some), including our keeper, Rico.  Tank brings balanced drives, along with size, large bone and teeth and his head should compliment Wisp's type, as well.


pups born 10/31/19!

 Wisp was bred winter 2018 and produced 2 male puppies that were outstanding!  However, we wanted a female, so the males went to new homes but are great pups.     See pictures on the "Puppies" page.



Wisp has high ball drive and boundless energy and is super fast.  She loves being outside even in our high AZ heat.  She is a square female that produced nicely for us on her last litter.   Should be some show stoppers in this litter!