Quinn was born November 17, 2016 from a much planned and desired litter between Norcal's D'Cash and EWK's Gracie's Fire in the Hole ("Char").  Quinn was the only female out of 4 puppies.  We kept her as we were looking for a female from this breeding to add to our line.

wild child

Unfortunately, Quinn has turned out to be too small for our breeding program.  And, from a breeding perspective, she also brings a blue eye (a cosmetic fault) and she is slightly cow hocked in the rear.  But that doesn't mean she's a bad dog!  She is just not one to be bred.


Quinn is high energy and a thinker.  She is very high prey drive and would not likely do well around cats, chickens or other animals she might see as prey.  She has not demonstrated any dog aggression, so she may do well with another dog.  She is quick and smart and although we have not put any training on her we believe she is highly trainable and could be a fun dog for someone looking for a partner in sporting.  Or, an active partner for hiking, running, or biking (on leash).  She has not been around many children, but likely would be fine with older kids.

About Us


Kracken was produced by our friend Kristel Van Hattem.  He is her keeper from her litter off  Laz' Hard Charger's Hurricane Yugo of EWK ("Yugo") and Kristel's female Athena of Warrior ABs.  Both exceptional working temperament dogs with solid stable temperaments.  Kracken was born in spring 2018.


The Van Hattems had a very special delivery a few months ago - a baby boy!  Unfortunately,  the new gig as a parent and work schedules have left Kristel with less time to give Kracken the attention he needs.  Thus, she is hoping he can find a forever home with someone who has the time to tap his potential or who just wants a a loving pet.


If you think Kracken might be a good fit for you, contact Kristel at kvanhattem44@yahoo.com for more information.